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System 6 6 by Six by Michael Six Muldoon TQOREKNRS €44.43 6von sechs ist eine Sammlung von Karte Magie von Michael sechs muldoonAuf dieser DVD enthalten sind sechs Effekte mit tun knnen Sie jedes Deck von Karten, plus zwei Bonus-Routinen.und eine unglaublich einfach dennoch tuschend bewegen zu schalten einer Karte, die hat nicht erschienen überall, immer. Es ist endlich gemeinsame hier in einem besonderen Abschnitt mit über 35–Minuten der in der Tiefe Detail, aufgenommen in Full HD.von überstellungen auf-Klassikern bis hin zu Incredible self-working Routinen, diese DVD ist ein Muss für jeden, der liebt Karte Magie.

6 by Six is a collection of card magic from Michael Six Muldoon. Included on this dvd are six effects you can do with ANY deck of cards, PLUS two bonus routines and a incredibly simple yet deceptive move to switch a card that has not been released any where, ever! It is finally shared here in a special section with over 35 - minutes of in depth detail, recorded in full HD. This is real world magic, that you will perform! Ranging from renditions on classics to incredible SELF-WORKING routines, this dvd is a must for anyone who loves card magic.

New Found Blood: A multi-phase sandwich and coincidence routine with a killer ending and even includes 3 variations!

Two Ton Triumph: An in the hands triumph with a super clean get ready, to eliminate any "fishy moves". Perfect for the walk around performer or anyone looking for an anytime, anywhere version of Michael's Modern Triumph.

No Stopping Me: A self working routine done under impossible conditions. You can have a card looked at in the deck, have the spectator deal through and stop them at their card! The perfect stop trick, with a great psychological through off.

Invisible Flush: Larry Jennings Invisible Palm routine with an impossible ending! You can cause all the Aces to transform into a Royal Flush, a logical ending to one of the best routines ever created.

Fool Me Once: Some say this is one of the most direct effects you can perform. This is an absolute fooler that you will use forever. If you liked Benjamin Earls incredible "Ramjollock", you will love this!

Royal Tantalizer: A super strong twist to the Hugard and Braue Tantalizer routine recently popularized by Lennart Green. This is a beautiful piece of self working magic, that will quickly make its way into you performances.

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